Pet Sitting in Your Home

You can expect walking, play time, feeding and pet area clean-up during our scheduled visits. The pet services are affordable and can be customized to your needs. For instance, mix an hour walk in the cool morning with a 15 minute quick potty break in the afternoon and a 30 minute dinner time visit. If you'd like a custom quote, please give us a call, text or email with your service dates and service visit time for each day. Operation hours are 8:00am-8:00pm.


Pet Sitting Service Visit Time:
10-15 minutes 

This type of visit is good for a quick outside break in the backyard for dogs and a fresh water change. It is also an ideal amount of time for a cat if the cat is shy and does not want to play. A longer visit is needed if there is more than one cat in the household.  $19.


25-30 minutes

This type of visit is usually a very good fit for most clients. Whether you have dogs or cats, this visit allows for several things to be done. Dogs can get a short walk, feeding, some play time and cuddles, as well as fresh water change. Cats can get their litter scooped, water changed, feeding and treats given, and it allows for some play time and cuddles as well.  $22.


40-45 minutes

This longer visit allows for a nice long walk for dogs in addition to all of the things done in the 25-30 minute visit. This is a great visit if the dog is high-energy and needs a bit of a longer walk while their owners are out of town. It is also a great visit for people who want extra playtime for their dogs or cats. It allows for a lot of time for interaction, play, and love and attention. For cats who are very social, this visit is ideal.  $28. 


1 hour

The hour visit allows ample time for even longer walks, more cuddles, and lots of play time including all the things in the 40-45 minute visit.  $33.


Do you have feral cats? We feed them too.


Dog Walking

Dog walking visits are more straightforward as they usually include just fresh water change and walking. However, if the client desires, the dog(s) can be fed during a dog walking visit as well.

25-30 minutes:  $22.
40-45 minutes:  $28.
1 hour:  $33.

Pet Taxi

Exclusively for our pet sitting and dog walking clients: we’ll transport your pet and necessary supplies to and from the vet, groomer, trainer, boarding facility, airport or other location. Pet taxi visits vary depending on the distance of the pick-up or drop-off and whether time will be spent waiting for the pet (such as at a grooming appointment) or whether it is a straight drop-off or pick-up. {price based on total amount of time and mileage plus any tolls}



Home Visit

(no pets) 

If you have a trip planned with your pet, but would like someone to check on your home (to give it a “lived-in look”). Plant watering, mail collection, adjusting blinds, turning on/off lights and/or TVs and radios and trash removal. It is also a service if you find yourself locked out.

{$17. per visit}

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